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Updated :  12/10/14

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Sustainable development in healthcare, through improvements in the availabilty, the accessiblity, the quality and the proper usage of prescription medications.
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ReMeD is proud to offer many of its own publications on essential medicines, medicinal plants, hospital hygiene, and various other topics for French readers.
Those resources can be found HERE.  
In addition, many English resources are available through some of our partner organizations.
On Good Governance in the Pharmaceutical Sector-
The World Health Organization began a program in 2002, to evaluate transparency in the pharmaceutical sector as an indicator of vulnerability to corruption. Being a topic of concern for ReMeD and its work in the pharmaceutical sector in developing countries, this issue has been addressed at several ReMeD conferences. Below are the assessments from various countries undergoing the program and multi-country reviews.
Measuring Transparency-5 Country Analysis
Measuring Transparency- 4 Country Assessment
Measuring Transparency-Malawi
Counterfeit medicines-
ReMeD is actively engaged in the fight against counterfeit and all other medications of a poor quality. To learn more about this issue and see why it is a serious issue in developing countries see the the articles below.
Counterfeit Medicine Fact Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions
Access to Essential Medicines in Developing Countries-
ReMeD’s members are constantly faced with the issue of accessibility to essential medicines. In developing countries there are problems with access geographically and financially. Even if they medicines are available within a reasonable distance or price, other issues can arise that are uncommon in developing countries.
Fair Pricing and Accessibility
To find more English resources see the publications from projects of the WHO:
Publications from All Medication Projects by the WHO
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