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Updated :  12/10/14

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Sustainable development in healthcare, through improvements in the availabilty, the accessiblity, the quality and the proper usage of prescription medications.
What is ReMeD?
Since 1993, ReMeD (the Network for Medicine and Development) has been committed to research and action on problems existing in the field of prescription medications and public health in developing countries.
Who are we?
Though based in France, ReMeD is made up of members from all over the world.
LEARN MORE about who we are.
What do we do?
ReMeD’s primary focus is on continuing education and training for healthcare professionals, creating long-term, locally-focused solutions for healthcare in the context of development and specifically improving the supply, quality , and availability of essential medications at a price that is fair and reasonable for patients in developing countries.
In addition, ReMeD sponsors public-awareness campaigns about issues affecting our members, their patients, and their society. LEARN MORE about what we do.

Some figures...

28: the number of countries in which we work directly

2000: number of members within the core of the organization

68: number of countries in which our members live

1 in 5: medications sold that are expired, deteriorating or of otherwise poor quality in Africa

200 million people: impact objective for the campaign against the illicit sale of medications in 19 countries

120 million Euros: annual budget of African central purchasing centers who have the capacity to provide medication for more than 80 % of ill people in their countries

More than 40 million: number of people infected with HIV in the world

95%: percentage of people infected with HIV living in developing countries, of which More than two-thirds are in Africa

2.8 millions: number of deaths attributable to AIDS, in the world, 2 million of whom are in Africa

30 seconds: frequency of infant deaths due to malaria in developing countries

Number of doctors per 10, 000 habitants in Europe: 285 / in Africa: 1

Contact us :
Réseau Médicaments et Développment - ReMeD 35, rue Daviel 75013 Paris (Métro- Glacière)
 Tel : + 33 1 53 80 20 20    Fax : + 33 1 53 80 20 21          remed@remed.org
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